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Remembering April

Most parents strive to instill values and qualities such as kindness, sound

judgement and respect for others, while acting as a role model for their children.

What we could not have anticipated, was how much of a role model April would

prove to be for us.

Diagnosed at birth with Cystic Fibrosis, April faced challenges such as difficult

treatment regimes and medical procedures that would challenge adults combined

with varying levels of breathing difficulties. Despite this, she rarely complained

about her illness and hospitalizations, though she was disappointed when

infection control procedures prevented her from socializing with anyone with CF

and always being in isolation at the hospital. This is not to say April was a

complete angel, she presented the parenting challenges of any child – homework,

bedtime etc.

As much as possible, April had a normal life growing up, playing T-Ball, scouting,

church youth activities, summer camp, travelling and attending public school.

When the time came for college, she left the nest and returned to her beloved

North Carolina.

Midway through college with her lung function deteriorating, she chose to enter

the lung transplant program at Duke University. She received her new lungs in

December of 2013. April knew that even with new lungs she was not guaranteed

a long life. After her transplant she finished college, fell in love, moved to New

York, made friends, worked for Trader Joe’s while also running an online fabric

business. April was not defined by her illness, in the seven and a half years

following her transplant she lived a full lifetime.

Despite being five feet tall, I can say that April was the most courageous person I

have ever personally known. While knowing her life could be short, she fought for

everything it had to offer. She was smart, humorous, kind and a loyal friend.

Although the pain of losing her is intense, we are much richer for being blessed

with her.

To our brave daughter, farewell until we meet again.

Mom and Dad love you very much.

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